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  • 商品名称: Rational use of roller bit
  • Model Number: 356
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1, according to the formation drillability and adjacent wellbore formation, choose more footage and speed, the normal wear of the drill bit.In the upper soft stratum (the drillability grade is less than 5), the bit with high ROP can be selected in the deep well section(the formation drillability is greater than 5), can choose insert bit more footage of the.

2, in crooked hole formation, more choice of cone bit offset, gage and tooth and short.

3, bottom hole should be clean without falling objects.

4, run slower, prevent drilling. When the bit is separated from the 1 bottom hole, the pump and rotary bit should be used to fully wash the well,Remove the cuttings at the bottom of the well so as not to block the cuttings or pump too quickly.

5, When the 5 bit contacts the bottom hole, under the low drilling pressure and low drilling speed, the drilling pressure is 10 ~ 30KN and the drilling speed is 60r/min. It runs 0.5h Above, the design value of drilling pressure and penetration rate can be gradually improved after the bottom hole shape is formed

6, do well drilling speed test, that is, fixed drilling pressure, change drilling speed, or fixed drilling speed, change drilling pressure, so that drilling pressure and drilling speed together The drilling speed is up to the highest drilling speed.

7, stations should increase pump pressure, increase bit water power, and give full play to hydraulic parameters and mechanical rock breaking parameters Interaction. Improving rock breaking efficiency.

8, using combined nozzle to improve rock cleaning efficiency.

9, it is necessary to use the product of drilling pressure and drilling speed recommended by the manufacturer as the constraint condition; the maximum drilling pressure and the maximum drilling speed can not be used at the same time.

10, drilling operation should be smooth, send drill to be uniform, strictly lifting, drilling, drilling and drilling

11, when the drill is continuously produced, if it is not the problem of the ground equipment, it should be drilled immediately to avoid the drop of the cone.

12, the drilling cost must be calculated when the drill bit is drilled into the hole, and the cost should be increased as long as the cost of the successive points is found Drilling.

13, found no bit footage, pump pressure was increased or decreased, the ROP disaster ran down. When torque increases, etc., If the ground equipment has no problem, we should start drilling inspection.